Elma Animal Hospital Files - 'Pet Poison Info'http://elmaanimalhospital.evetsites.netElma Animal Hospital - Williamsville , NY -Rat Poison Dangershttp://www.elmavets.com/poisonous-plants.pmlPoisoning from rodenticides (mouse and rat poisons) is one of the most common types of toxicities managed by Pet Poison Helplinefile/55193/Rat Poison DangersTop 10 Human Medications Poisonous to Petshttp://www.elmavets.com/poisonous-plants.pmlA list of the top 10 human medications most frequently ingested by petsfile/55194/Top 10 Human Medications Poisonous to PetsTop 10 Poisonous Plantshttp://www.elmavets.com/poisonous-plants.pmlA list of the top 10 plants that are poisonous to petsfile/55196/Top 10 Poisonous PlantsTop 5 Feline Toxinshttp://www.elmavets.com/poisonous-plants.pmlA list of the top 5 toxins for cats and kittensfile/55195/Top 5 Feline Toxins